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Gallery of Wildlife

It is a pleasure to see that Wildlife native to Australia still inhabit the Pine Rivers ecosystem. We must preserve their habitat so we do not lose them as neighbours.

Grey Forester Kangaroos can still be found by the stealthy nature watcher along the river banks and reserves. Roads and traffic cause the majority of casualties.
Scrub Wallabies can also be found by the stealthy nature watcher along the river banks and reserves. 
Koalas inhabit the pockets of eucalypt trees that remain along the river banks and in reserves. Sometimes they feed on trees in and around the housing estates.
Bottlenose Dolphins are sighted from time to time and come up river to calf..
Brushtail and other possums are seen more regularly at night.
Visiting Koalas are not frightened by people and can be viewed and photographed up close. However, people should contain their dogs as they can be a problem when Koalas are on the ground transfering between trees. 
Green Python
The river banks are home to a large variety of reptiles such as pythons, carpet snakes, brown snakes, whip snakes, water dragons, blue tongue lizards and the like They assist the balance of nature.

SwampRats, Bush Rats and native rodents are private creatures but are seen in the talons of the birds of prey that inhabit the Pine Rivers.

These guys make the River wealthy !